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Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ)

Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ)
Currently, GIS plays a relatively small role in the daily functioning of DOJ as a whole. The Division of Criminal Investigation, however, has been utilizing this method of data analysis for several years, and sees GIS as an increasingly important aspect of law enforcement. As law enforcement becomes increasingly aware of the use and functionality of computerized GIS, DOJ is looking to expand our abilities to provide services to law enforcement personnel and attorneys throughout the State of Wisconsin.
List of DOJ business programs and activities supported by geospatial data and technologies:
  • Mapping information produced by the Methamphetamine Laboratory Seizures Initiative and the Cannabis Eradication and Suppression Effort (CEASE) programs. The Division of Criminal Investigation uses desktop GIS software to map these incidences throughout the state.
  • Visualize cellular telephone call activity in relation to many types of criminal activity from homicide to arson to drug trafficking. Analysts depict cellular tower layouts in coordination with arsons, burglaries and homicides. In addition to using this information real time, presenting this information in court is a growing part of staff job duties.

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